Immanuel "DJ Summer" John was born on the 31st of December 1985 in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Tanzania. From a very young age, music was a very big influence in his life, but as he grew older his desire to become a professional Disc Jockey trumped everything else.  Coming under DJ Juice, who served as his mentor in the early days, DJ Summer officially became a DJ in 2005 where he secured a spot to play at Club Silk in Arusha. A year later he got his first experience as a radio DJ, after joining Mambo Jambo FM Radio in Arusha and worked there for 3 years up until 2008. He moved to Mwanza in 2009, where he played as a main DJ for Stone Club up until he moved to Dar Es Salaam in 2011. Also while in Mwanza, he worked as a guest DJ for Kiss FM on the Kiss Collabo Mix Show every Friday.  In 2010, DJ Summer participated in the STR8 Music DJ competition, and was the 1st runner-Up. After a year of more practice and experience playing, he entered the competition again in 2011, and this time he became the eventual winner. Come 2012, he entered another competition put together by East Africa Radio, for the search of their new DJ. DJ Summer won it and earned a contract to become a new DJ for East Africa Radio from April of 2012 up to date.   The genres of music that DJ Summer is mostly known for playing includes Dancehall, Afro Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, EDM as well as House Music. Whenever DJ Summer is on the wheels of steel, expect to hear the best mixes, as his main goal it to make sure people enjoy the party experience or their listening experience, and by doing so, he has mastered the art of soothing all demographics, from young to old. DJ Summer has also worked occasionally as the Official DJ for A-list artists such as Shetta, Roma and currently for Belle 9.      CAREER HIGHLIGHTS  Played as Guest DJ in the following Clubs:  • Maisha Club, Dar Es Salaam.  • Next Door Club, Dar Es Salaam.  • Club 71, Dar Es Salaam.  • Elements Lounge, Dar Es Salaam.  • Savana Lounge, Dar Es Salaam.  • Triple A, Arusha.  • Club Fusion, Mwanza   Played for the biggest Shows & Festivals:  •  Kill Music Tour 2013  • Nyama Choma Festival 2013  • Swahili Fashion Week Show 2013  • P Square Live In Dar 2013  • Nyama Choma Festival 2014  • Kill Music Tour 2014  • Instagram Party 2015  • Wizkid Live In Dar 2015  • Tigo Kiboko Yao Concert 2015  • Kilifest 2015