East Africa Radio's Baba T (Emsly Smith) has been described as a living "Reggae Encyclopedia".
He left Jamaica in the 1960's for London, and worked as a class 2 engineer at the post office.
In his free time he would sing in a choir as lead vocalist, and DJ for house parties.
He Left London for Vienna Austria in the 1980's and made history as the reggae pioneer who brought the roots and positive vibes of reggae to a wider audience.
He also opened up a record shop specializing in Afro-Caribbean music.
In his spare time he would DJ for austrian clubs and helped to organise successful concerts.
In 1988 Baba T was invited to play at a wedding in Tanzania and felt like he was home.
The following year he packed up his bags and returned to Tanzania, where he's been to this day.
It was not long before he found his way to the airwaves playing for a national broadcaster.
Later he joined the fledgling East Africa Radio as one of the founding DJs. You can hear him every Sunday on Lover's Rock.